Your Ideal Brace

The best/ideal brace weighs nothing, fits against the leg like a sock, holds you up and helps you walk, looks good and costs nothing! You won’t find it anywhere but you can improve the odds of getting a brace that fits your needs best by filling out the attached workbook, by doing the research into the options that meet your needs and standards and by advocating for that brace with your health care professionals (and your insurance company!)

Whether you are getting a new leg brace for the first time or whether you have been a lifelong brace wearer, getting a new brace can be a life-changing event. With the advent of new materials and increased understanding of how the body works, bracing technology has changed and improved significantly over the past 20 years and brace wearers now have choices that were not available before. The good news is that with thought, research and advocacy, brace wearers can often get braces that better fit their needs, allow for better mobility, and even look good!

How to use this workbook: Download either the print version or the electronic copy, fill it out and take it with you on your first appointment with your prescribing doctor, physical therapist and orthotist. Hopefully, by using this as a conversation starter, you will have a better understanding of what you need and what you can get that will make wearing a brace a positive experience.

Flow chart